Our Community Champions

Every year the generosity of our local community inspires us. Thousands of people come together to support the social sector in providing the vital programs and services that change lives. See the many ways they are advancing social change.

Champion: a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.

For the past three years, United Way Regina has invited strong community leaders and influencers to share their own personal stories about the importance of giving back to the community we love.

Thank you to our 2020 & 2021 Community Champion

Steve McLellan
CEO of Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

“The combination of collective resources and common goals makes our communities and our people stronger and Regina is blessed
to have both in large quantities.”
– Steve McLellan

Thank You to Our Past Champions

2019 Community Champion

Thomas Benjoe
President/CEO of FHQ Developments

“As a community leader, it is so important to find ways to give back to our community – especially to our Indigenous youth.”
– Thomas Benjoe

2018 Community Champion

Chief Evan Bray
Regina Police Service

“Local love to me is an expression of caring, appreciation and dedicated support and commitment to making a difference in the community. That’s what United Way does. That’s what we’re excited about doing in this city. Using local love to make a difference and support people.”
– Chief Evan Bray

2017 Community Champion

Mary Taylor-Ash
Tourism Saskatchewan

“As the CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan, I take great pride in calling Regina home.  It is a city full of generous and friendly people who take care of one another.  There are so many people just like you that care and contribute to our thriving community. Together, we unite around the issues that matter most and create the change we all want to see.”
– Mary Taylor-Ash

Celebrating Our Most Notable Philanthropists

In 2020, our donors demonstrated their commitment to our community, rallying and giving back to support the most vulnerable in our community.

This Leadership Booklet recognizes the remarkable contributions people across our community made to improve local lives.