Social Purpose Institute

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Since 2016, United Way of Lower Mainland has developed and piloted the Social Purpose Institute.  Social Purpose is an emerging trend in business – where companies define their reason for being in societal terms and place it at the core of their operations. It gives companies a competitive advantage, helps them navigate turbulent times, and creates new opportunities for maximizing profits and building shareholder value.

United Way Regina is excited to be the very first United Way to offer the Social Purpose programming outside of British Columbia. 

The Social Purpose Institute offers structured and supportive programming that supports senior business leaders to incubate, accelerate and scale social purpose as a way to drive both their business growth as well as the company’s potential for social good.

Our programs and workshops are designed to bring together like-minded business leaders in Regina to identify their own organization’s core social purpose and ultimately create positive change in our community– all with a view to strengthening their business.

Social Purpose Innovators – is a unique introductory program developed by the Social Purpose Institute at United Way that helps businesses uncover or further refine their core, societal reason for being. Through an interactive, cohort-based program, companies are guided through the journey of determining their best-fit Social Purpose. The Innovators Lab is a 12-month peer collaboration of eight values-based businesses.

Social Purpose Implementers – is a follow-up program developed by the Social Purposes Institute at United Way.  It assists businesses to fully implement and bring their Social Purpose to life. Implementers is designed for companies that already have a Social Purpose. It has a hands-on workshop-based design and innovation lab where eight companies in a cohort attend half-day sessions quarterly, with self-administered preparatory work and projects to be completed by the company between sessions.

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If you are a visionary leader, the Social Purpose Institute programs intended to support businesses to fully embed their company’s Social Purpose into its operations. We will walk each business through four key steps to develop their implementation plan. 

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