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Summer Slide

Helping kids gain, not lose, ground over the summer months. Over the summer most children digress in their reading levels.

Low-income children are also disproportionally at risk to have a learning loss or ‘slide’ over the summer if they are not engaged in reading, oral language and access to books. This ‘slide’ is equivalent to 2 months’ worth of skill loss for each summer.

Strategy: Summer Success Camps- $15,000 per camp

Students in participating schools are identified by their teachers and chosen to participate at the end of the school year. Through a 2 week intensive program, students work with teachers on fun and engaging literacy activities in a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. Volunteers are also mobilized to spend time reading one on one with the students. Students receive nutritious food, books to take home, good food boxes for their family, and a backpack of school supplies to start the next school year off right. When school starts again in the fall, these students will be better equipped for the next grade. Parents will have increased awareness of the importance of attendance and access to books in order to support at-home reading.

At holiday time, I send these cards to my son's teachers at his school. They make a great gift and the money helps our community.
John M.
Being able to dedicate my United Way donation to the passing of my dear friend made the world to me. The family loved the idea.
Mary P.
My friend asked that we make a donation to charity instead of getting her a gift for her birthday. Sending a card with United Way made it easy.
Anwar D.

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