Campaign Toolkit

Run your best employee giving campaign

Thank you for stepping up to run your employee giving campaign for your workplace! This is a great opportunity to engage and inspire your co-workers and bring people together for a common cause, creating ripples of positive change in your community.

We have created tools, templates, and materials to support you in running a meaningful campaign to support the issues in our community that matter most to you. No matter what your campaign looks like, United Way is here to help you make it a success—and make a difference.

How to Run a Campaign
ePledge Guide
How to Run a Retiree Campaign
Campaign Theme Ideas
Virtual Volunteer Guide
Social Media Toolkit
United Way Regina’s Community Investments
2021 Pledge Form


2021 Corporate Donation Form



2021 Securities Transfer Form


2021 Cash Sheet


GCWCC 2021 Cash Sheet


GCWCC 2021 Special Events


Lottery License Application


Gaming License Financial Report


2021 Special Events Form
Campaign Engagement Poster – Brain Architecture
Campaign Engagement Poster – Day of Caring
Campaign Engagement Poster – Jean Day
Campaign Engagement Poster – Poverty Simulation
Childhood Success
Food Security
Mental Health

Campaign Thermometer

Campaign Thermometer

Food Security 1


Food Security 2


Food Security 3


Food Security 4


Childhood Success 1


Childhood Success 2


Childhood Success 4


Mental Health 1


Mental Health 2


Mental Health 3


Mental Health 4
Lottery Poster – Print


Lottery Poster – Digital


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If you’d like to get in touch, have questions, can’t find what you need, or would like to run a United Way campaign for your organization, contact us! We’ll get back to you with the information you’re looking for.

Sabrina Trombley, Manager of Resource Development