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Become a Member

Our members are individuals from all walks of life, united in a commitment to building a stronger community.

Become a Member of United Way Regina

Committed community volunteers are a vital part of the success of each non-profit or charitable organization in Saskatchewan. They take on many important roles that enrich our lives in Saskatchewan in multiple ways. None is more crucial for an organization than the role played by individuals that commit to actively being involved as members of the organization.


United Way Regina is asking you to step up and register as a Member of our organization. To qualify for membership you simply have to self-declare that you meet one of the following criteria. In the past twelve months: you have contributed your time, skills, donations or service to United Way Regina, or you are a Funded Partner that is receiving contributions from United Way Regina.

Benefit of Membership

Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting to elect members of our Board of Directors and decide other special business. By coming together in a common cause, we are building a better future for the thousands of people we serve.

How to Become a Member

For more information about United Way’s membership, contact us at 306-757-5671 or via email at