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Access to Books

Providing access to a wide range of grade-level books for students so they can build at home libraries and engage in reading more often. Children learn to read by reading daily.

Strategy: Build classroom libraries and implement the Vello Program into primary grades.

Unfortunately, socioeconomic factors can lead to tremendous disparities in community schools. Quite often, these schools have far fewer books and many teachers end up purchasing books themselves in an attempt to level the playing field for their students. Before a classroom library was made available, students received 30 minutes of reading time per week. After a classroom library has been implemented, students receive 60 minutes per day of reading time.

Classroom Libraries: $10,000 per classroom

At holiday time, I send these cards to my son's teachers at his school. They make a great gift and the money helps our community.
John M.
Being able to dedicate my United Way donation to the passing of my dear friend made the world to me. The family loved the idea.
Mary P.
My friend asked that we make a donation to charity instead of getting her a gift for her birthday. Sending a card with United Way made it easy.
Anwar D.

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