Meet the Women of Women United

The Women United Regina committee is comprised of 7 community-focused individuals who are passionate about making a difference in our community to ensure no child is left behind.


“I am elated that Regina is joining the Women United global initiative. This group of strong, driven and passionate women are ready to go all in to move the needle on reading success for Regina Youth. Through contribution and collaboration we will further nurture the growth and development of women leaders in our community.”

~Lori Daelick, Women United Co-Chair

“Education is the key to building future leaders and ensuring that our community continues to grow. Women United’s support of Campaign for Grade Level Reading through our membership has the potential to positively change so many young lives in the Regina area. It’s personally rewarding to know that the time and energy we invest in our youth today, will have a lasting impact for decades.”

~ Anne Bilczuk, Women United Co-Chair

Committee Members

Kelly Drummond

Kerry Lumbard

Stacey Gherasim

Lori Wiens

Pat Wilson