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From Poverty to Possibility

From poverty 3

United Way is helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving every Canadian the opportunity to realize a better future.

The Challenge

People who lack necessities like food and shelter can’t get ahead in life. Those who struggle to find work or manage their finances aren’t able to reach their full potential.


Canadians are homeless
on any given night

1 in 6

children live in households that struggle to put food on the table


of working-age Indigenous
people are unemployed

Our Work

We invest in three key areas to help people move out of, or avoid, the cycle of poverty.


Housing Stability

United Way is helping Canadians access an affordable, safe and permanent place to live – from Housing First programs and emergency shelters, to advocating for affordable housing


Food Security

United Way is working to provide everyone with access to enough nutritious, affordable and appropriate food – through community gardens, school breakfast programs and food banks.

financial stability

Employment and Financial Stability

United Way is helping Canadians find meaningful jobs, manage expenses and support their families – from job skills training and continuing education opportunities, to financial literacy programs.

Our Impact

Thanks to your generous support, we’re investing in opportunities for everyone to have a better future.

From Poverty to Possibility - $96,870

Recognizing that poverty is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive approach by not only providing immediate relief, but also addressing the underlying factors that perpetuate poverty, front line agencies and programs are working towards removing barriers for those they serve.

Invest in helping every person in your local community realize a life of opportunity.